A NOTE about the S&H calculated in the shopping cart: There may be times when you purchase multiple items or the checkout price is higher than stated on the web site and the calculator adds too much for the S&H. This is because of the way the calculater works and there is no way to change it. We do not make money on S&H and will automatically refund you the overcharge. An example may be when you purchase multiple emblems - the calculator will take the $10.00 item and add $15.00 to the S&H if you buy 3 - the acctual cost to mail 3 emblems is about $5.00 - we would automatically refund you the difference - no need to call or complain - we will make the refund automatically. You will pay what the web site says.

Lately we have been selling products to Australia/New Zealand & Europe in larger quantities - please note that the pricing shown on the web site is based on shipping to North America - other countries are much more expensive as they cannot be shipped by "GROUND" and FedEx/UPS has heavy charges for international air shipping. An example of this is the EM88 ENJO engine mount kit - 13lbs - 14 x 10x 9 costs $96.00 US$ to ship to Australia - where we have a "free S&H" built in to the product we can deduct that amount from the S&H costs but please be aware of the extra costs before making the purchase.

This also applies to PR & HI - we will honor the S&H prices listed but it takes 28 business days to get to HI and 21 to PR - we can upgrade the service for faster delivery but call for the rate first.


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