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NSP 300
US $99.99 - CAN $139.99
  The "SAFETYeye" prevents accidents
 and collisions, when backing up a car,
 The sensors at the backof the car emit 
ultrasoncic pulses that detect distance
of objects that cannot be seen by using 
only the mirrors. This safety system 
allows backing up safely, it also alarms 
and indicates the distance between
 an obstacle and the vehicle at the 
same time. 

NSP 300 - dash mount view
  NSP 500 - mirror mount view

S&H $10.00 insured
both models

NSP 500 - mirror included
US $109.99 - CAN $149.99
When sensing an obstacle within a 
1.6m radius,an audible alarm tone starts. 
When the vehicle moves closer 
to the obstacle, the display shows
the distance between the car and
 the obstacle in steps of 0.1 m, 
and the alarm tone changes. 
When the distance is below 0.4 m,
 the display shows "n.0" and the 
alarm sounds continuously. 
Indicator lights on the sides
 of the display inform the driver 
of the location of any obstacle.
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